Boulings rezervācijas sistēma

Website Integrated Booking System, Management System and App - All in One

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How do we help clients reach you?

24/7 booking anywhere
24/7 booking option for customers with both PC and mobile

Automatic notifications
Booking email / SMS confirmation and reminder notifications

Website integration
Integrated booking environment for both website and facebook

NEW Client App
The client can make new and recurring bookings for you with few clicks only

Hello Jaanika, your reservation has been successfully confirmed by 12/12/2021 at 13:00
Dear customer! We remind you that you have booked a time today at 13:00
Hello Jaanika, Thank you for visiting us and we hope you are satisfied with our service. We look forward to seeing you again!
A new reservation came to the system: name Maarika, date: 28.04.2021, at 13:00
The customer paid for the reservation in the amount of 39 €, date 27.02.2021
The booking was canceled with the following details: date 25.06.2021 at 12:00, customer name Karin, selected attendant Janely

How can we support daily work?

Access from multiple devices
Convenient and user-friendly day-to-day management of all kinds of smart devices (use multiple devices). All you need is a network.

Instant notifications
Automatic notification system (for new bookings, cancellations, payments) and booking confirmation

Add unlimited data
Ability to add an unlimited number of bookings, employees, access accounts, customers and use multiple devices at once.

Use multiple tools
Booking archive, statistics, users with different rights, work schedules, management app

What else does the system offer?

Customize notifications
Ability to customize confirmation, reminder, and other notifications

Automatic thank-you notes
Option to send thank-you notes automatically or request feedback on quality of service

Multiple Advanced Features
Prepay, Inventory, Virtual Checkout, Order and Period Cards


More Features

List of services and features that can be ordered for the base package


Notification customization


Log system


Feedback letter


Prepayment system


Products management


Virtual cashier


Google calendar syncronization


Send newsletters




Different client views


Design / system customization


Integrate with other systems

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€ 19 / Mēnesī + VAT
Laukumu skaits: 1


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Laukumu skaits: 2-4


€ 99 / Mēnesī + VAT
Laukumu skaits: 5+

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