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Works everywhere

Works everywhere

Use the Booklux web app on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

The Booklux web application is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.

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100+ options

More booking options

Daily / weekly bookings

Recurring bookings

Different colors for services / employees

Work schedules

Creating work schedules

Specifications of work schedules

Calculation of working hours

User accounts and rights

Employee user accounts

User access

Account-based notification customization


Whenever customers book or cancel online

Automatic or manual booking confirmations

Customize notifications. Notifications in different locations, with different content. Send them as an email or text message

Notifications about expiration of usage and sms communication credit

Booking settings

Choose how many hours in advance customers can book

Choose how many hours in advance customers can cancel

And define a booking time-slot interval from 5 min to an hour

Service management

Specify in the table which services employees provide.

Choose what services your employees offer

Booklux is available in 15 languages


Customize notifications. Notifications in different locations, with different content. Send them as an email or text message

Booking confirmations

Timely reminders

Send thank you notes

Ask your visitors feedback

Every customer and booking are automatically entered into database.

Booking and customer notes

Notes that both you and your customer can easily add will help you prepare - to know the customer's preferences, special needs, allergies, products to avoid and suitable products to stock up on time.

Customer behavior and booking history

See previously used services to know what new to recommend. And who to add to the list of campaign recipients. History of behavior also gives input to business decisions, such as adding a payment option in case your customers have a lot of late cancellations or non-appearances.

Data-driven analytics

Booklux keeps track of every booking to give you a timely and relevant overview

Proportion of new customers

Profitable services

Profitable services


Already included

Welcome new clients around the world

Open new locations anywhere on the world

Unlimited number of employees

Unlimited number of services

Unlimited number of clients

Booklux is available in 15 languages

You only need an internet and 1 device

Be where your customers are

Share a booking view or button on your website

No website? Use your Booklux booking page

Direct booking to customer app Agado

Share your branded link

Share your branded link

Let powerful apps make booking simple and joyful

Run and control your business from your pocket

Real-time overview.
And full control.
- just like in web.

But at your fingertips!

Use the Booklux mobile app on your new generation laptop, tablet and phone.

The Booklux mobile app is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.

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Booking overview and booking again in just 3 clicks!

• Instant booking confirmations and 24h advance reminders

• Validated contact info

• Password-free user experience

Use the Agado client application on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

The Agado client application is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.

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Add more in time and need

We are here to support your business at every stage of your growth

Online payments

Reduce costly no-shows and last-minute cancellations

Add online payments to bookings

Automatic payments for regular customers

Comes with cash flow module


Optimize with Pro tools

Download raw data for advanced analysis. Measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns with Booklux integration to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.


Facebook Pixel

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Reach the right people

with beautifully designed email campaigns by exporting selected client groups or all clients into Mailchimp.


Inventory management

Know what products to order in time.


Big screen. Or kiosk mode

Show overview of bookings on external monitor or TV. Or use kiosk-mode as a 24/7 self-service check-in.

From 39€/Mo**


Build your custom booking solution or new interactions between various applications your customers use.


Secur••• in cloud

Your data and hard-earned sales are safe, backed-up on highly protected Amazon AWS Cloud servers which adheres to the highest standards of reliability and data security.

Let smart automations do the work for you

Instant access with code or card

After booking or payment, the customer receives automatically generated access code via SMS / email. You can set how many minutes before the start of the booking clients can enter with code or card

From 79€/Mo**

Secure and contactless biometric access

Regulate booking checkin/checkout movements through the door or turnstile with Gatenets cloud-based biometric (face/palm/fingerprint) access solutions.

From 79€/Mo**


Automatic lighting

The lighting system can be automated on a booking basis, so that the lights come on automatically, for example 15 minutes before playing time, and go out at the end of playing time.

From 119€/Mo**


Create memberships for customers to offer special discounts or pricing.


Flexible payments

Offer clients a flexible cancellation policy that allows to use money already transferred to book a new time - eliminating the need for refunds.


Waiting list (for sports)

Customers can add themselves to a waiting list for a filled group. An instant message will be sent when the spot becomes available.



Upon successful payment, an invoice will be automatically sent to the client. And you will receive a copy of the invoice.


Seasonal or periodic discounts

There are times of the year, month, week, day or times when some services have less demand than other times.



We integrate with industry leaders to take care of your data and release hundreds of features and improvements each year to ensure booking system runs smooth and secure while pushing innovation and serving more and more people and make our products better.

Trust, Collaboration, Gratitude in decade of business

Every day, Booklux is helping to serve thousands of our clients professionally around the world so they can focus on what is really important in their business. Our humble digital confidence comes from experience and know-how in over 10+ years in building cloud-based online booking services. And trust from digitalizing and automating levels of our clients businesses.

150 000+

users served

850 000+

services booked yearly


years in the booking cloud business

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