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No need to download or install anything. You can fully operate in web browser from any device even smart TV, or if you prefer - can also install app for mobile or tablet use

Boost your productivity with all-in-one solution

Run and manage your business with foundational tools and the flexibility to add additional services as you grow. With a full set of tools to run your day-to-day business from anywhere, from any device, you can concentrate on making your clients feel their best.

Schedule classes, appointments, and resources

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Keep your staff schedule updated in real time

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Have a good overview

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Grow and manage multiple locations

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Control team’s access and notifications

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Get timely notifications

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Accept payments anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Activate payment gateway to both, accept credit card or bank payments from your customers and convince your bookers of reservation, right away. It also offers your regular clients an option to set up automatic recurring payments, a win-win situation ... convenient and frictionless payment option for all.

This add-on can be set up with Stripe or Maksekeskus and costs only €49/Month + VAT and contains also cash administration module.

And even more automation possibilities.

Automate customer invoicing by sending your data to account software Merit Aktiva.

Manage your employees' wellness benefits with Stebby.

And reach the right people with right email campaigns by bringing your clients into Mailchimp.

Easy booking, any way your clients choose, across all devices

Customers can make multiple-bookings and payments 24/7

Put your schedule online. Enable mobile friendly booking and purchasing widget on your website

Customise SMS booking confirmations & reminders

Activate and create new types of notifications: 30 days since last visit, 1st time visitors
(coming soon)

How to make a sports club fully automated and contactless?

Automatic registration, membership fees and tickets

The whole process for the client starts with the creating an account. If necessary, pay a membership fee or buy a (period)pass for the training.

Instant Access to Your Fitness Center

After payment, the customer can automatically generate and send the access code via SMS / email or provide customers with an even more secure authentication system via biometric facial recognition terminals.

Automatic light on

It is possible to make the lighting system automatic and reservation-based, so that the light goes on automatically 15 minutes before the playing time and goes out at the end of the playing time.

Automatic Notifications and Acknowledgments

Reminders, Feedback and Acknowledgments

How to make access solution safe and secure?

When pandemic changed our lives, we developed new ways. Regulate booking checkin/checkout movements through the door or turnstile with cloud-based biometric (face/palm/fingerprint) access solutions by using Gatenets. Gatenets solutions help ensure that the system works even in the event of network outages and prevent customers from sharing cards / codes. Gatenets also brings you opportunities to reduce virus spread with temperature measurement tools, so you can limiting access to people who are ill.

Manage everything in real time on both, PC and mobile, and easily integrate with any system via web API/SDK.

Video, how it works

In your search to find the right solutions check out Valnes - we’ve built Booklux integration with them as well

Track and make well informed data-driven business decisions

Manage overall health of your business and know how to allocate resources, budget effectively, and measure your growth with powerful analytics into your data.

Know your revenue sources. Focus on the services that generate the most revenue.

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Track number and conversion of new, lost and all clients. Maximize profitability by optimizing times you offer services.

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Track staff hours worked and services provided.

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Download csv / xls for advanced raw data analysis or take your analytics even further with our integrations to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.

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